Caroline Bayley

Caroline Bayley

I design and build clean, user-friendly, data-driven web applications. I'm particularly interested in developing educational technology around assessment and workload management for teachers.

I have experience with the entire stack, from UX design through database design, management and deployment.

I am available for short-term or part-time work in graphic design, web design/development or educational consultancy.
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SmartRubric is a data-driven web application in the educational technology sector.
Drawing on my previous experience as a classroom English and Media Studies teacher, I designed and developed SmartRubric to help teachers manage workload associated with assessment, while at the same time capturing meaningful and valuable student progress data.

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Listfeather is a tool for capturing email addresses from content downloads.
I initially designed and developed Listfeather as an integrated part of SmartRubric, to make it easier and more cost effective to offer printables to potential customers and build and maintain an up to date email list.

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Here is a selection of different types of graphic design projects. For a more complete portfolio, please visit Upwork

Brand Identity Design

A complete brand identity design including logo variants, colours and fonts. Deliverables: Logo and variants in a range of sizes, print-ready and digitally optimised pdfs of corporate identity guide.

Product Specification for SmartRubric

A complete product specification for the application, designed for both print and digital.

Download Specification

Animated product promo

A one minute, animated product promo for SmartRubric.

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Brand Identity and Product Infographic

In addition to an updated brand identity, the client needed a visual representation of a complex commercial system to go on the website.

Social Media Profile Images

After working with this client on a UI for his news application, he engaged me to design images for an associated Twitter account.

Priorities were to ensure consistent display across devices, and to connect with an existing brand without implying affiliation.

Social Media Graphic

The client was looking to clearly communicate product values via an eye catching social media graphic that was clearly aligned with the revamped brand identity I created for him. It needed to work across different social media platforms and devices.

All of my work is rooted in user experience. Complex data applications often have interfaces that reflect the underlying data structure, not the needs of the end user. Particularly where users are not technicians or data specialists, it's vital to ensure that the UI feels comfortable, friendly and familiar.

I also design for mobile and tablet while I am designing for desktop to ensure that the user experience is consistently good across devices. It's important to remember that people use mobile sites differently than they use desktop sites, and so I always keep in mind the different user needs when I design an interface.

The best place to see examples of my UX design is by visiting SmartRubric or Listfeather. I'm happy to provide demo logins on request so you can see the actual app design.

Here's an example of a recent simple front-end project:

Responsive design for Rails Application.
Oilers Daily is a fan site for Edmonton Oilers news. The creator approached me to design a responsive user interface for his application using the team colours. I also designed the logo. The site uses a modified Bootstrap theme, and includes a number of custom elements to make sure it is user-friendly and appealing.


  • Graphic Design
  • Web Application Design and Development
  • Relational Database Design and Development
  • Workflow Optimisation for Small Business
  • Branding and Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Digital Advertising
  • Copy Writing/Editing
  • Academic Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Educational Consultancy


  • Adobe Design Suite
  • C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Zapier
  • HTML5 & CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery & Ajax
  • RESTful APIs

Communication was excellent and the work completed in a short time frame to an excellent standard.

Client Brand Identity and Logo Design Project

Prompt, precise and helpful.

Client User Interface Design Project

Caroline did an outstanding job for my project. She fully bought into what I wanted and added her own ideas. I would highly recommend her.

Client User Interface Design Project